For the purposes of this document, "Speedycat Services" shall refer to the Internet site "speedycat.com" (which also includes "speedycat.net" and "speedycat.org"), and its owners and administrators. "You" shall refer to any person accessing Speedycat Services, whether authorized or unauthorized.
    By accessing Speedycat Services, you indicate your agreement to be bound by the terms of this agreement. If you do not agree to these terms, you may not access Speedycat Services. This agreement shall be the entirety of the agreement between you and Speedycat Services, and shall not be amended save in writing, signed by both parties.
    Speedycat Services is located in the city of Santa Clara in the state of California. By accessing Speedycat Services, you do so at your own initiative, and you assume full responsibility for compliance with your local laws. You further agree that the laws of the city of Cupertino and the state of California shall govern all transactions and interactions with Speedycat Services and its authorized users.
    Speedycat Services assumes no liability for the actions of its users, whether authorized or unauthorized. By accessing Speedycat Services, you agree that under no circumstances shall Speedycat Services or its administrators be liable for any damages arising from your use of Speedycat Services, or any materials or software made available on Speedycat Services. In no event shall Speedycat Services's total liability to you for all damages or losses exceed the amount paid by you, if any, to Speedycat Services for accessing this site.

    Speedycat Services assumes no responsibility for the integrity of data stored on Speedycat Services facilities. Each user of Speedycat Services is responsible for maintaining their own backups of their data, including (but not limited to) user data files, user-installed software, and electronic mail.

    In the event of judgement against Speedycat Services for liability arising from the actions of any of its users, whether authorized or unauthorized, that user agrees to assume full responsibility for the settlement of that judgement.

    For the purposes of the Electronic Communications Privacy Act, Speedycat Services is not to be considered a secure communications medium. The administrators of Speedycat Services reserve the right to monitor all communications which may pass through, originate from, or terminate at Speedycat Services.
    If any provision of this agreement is held to be unlawful, void, or otherwise unenforceable, then that provision shall be considered separable from this agreement, and the remainder of the agreement shall remain in effect. This document is the entire agreement between you and Speedycat Services, and shall not be modified save in writing, signed by both you and Speedycat Services.

    Speedycat Services reserves the right to refuse or terminate service to anyone, for any reason, at any time.

    Use of Speedycat Services to engage in illegal activity is strictly forbidden. Use of Speedycat Services equipment by any person not authorized by Speedycat Services to send mail, news, or other electronic communication shall be considered a theft of services and will be prosecuted to the fullest possible extent of the law. Attempts to gain unauthorized access to Speedycat Services or to cause harm to the operations of Speedycat Services or its authorized users will be reported to the Federal Bureau of Investigations for criminal prosecution, without exception or warning from Speedycat Services.

    Unsolicited commercial email ("spam") is not allowed to be sent to Speedycat Services users. Persons violating this restriction will be prosecuted under all applicable criminal and civil statutes.

    In the event of legal action against you by Speedycat Services resulting in judgement against you, you agree to pay in full all reasonable costs incurred by Speedycat Services for the legal action in question, in addition to any judgements or penalties awarded by the court to Speedycat Services.

Copyright © 2000-2005 by Drew Maxwell. Credit for the document upon which these terms and conditions are based is given to Lance Rund of Arclight Networks. All rights reserved. Administrative contact info can be obtained through the WHOIS database.
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